Labelcast #013: Henneke’s Darkroom mix

Henneke single-handedly creates and maintains the honesty of the true techno sound. Born of passion and grit, Henneke has chosen the road less travelled. His music is reminiscent of the basement floors and littered warehouses where he cut his teeth. This is a sound where a sardonic smile pairs perfectly with the darkest of evils. A place where the sun only slightly illuminates from behind the storm clouds. Since 2012, Henneke has been releasing tracks on such labels as Racecar, Label, Mintec Musik, and LW Recordings.

  1. Cleric – Pattern One (Len Faki Version)
  2. Kobosil – Path
  3. Henneke – Isopoda (Jakk Tripper Remix)
  4. Tom Hades – Hollow Mind
  5. Cari Lekebusch – Quetzalcoatl
  6. Justin Kase – Marching Track
  7. Maria Goetz – Ignominy
  8. Israel Toledo – Titan
  9. Christian Wunsch – Fixed Fraction
  10. Samuel L. Session – Tower Hit
  11. Korova – Hashima (Mike Parker Remix)
  12. Alantis – Tundra (GND Remix)
  13. Tim Kelly – Trilobite
  14. Planetary Assault Systems – Future Modular (Subtracted Mix)
  15. Angel Alanis – Not Here
  16. Audio Injection – Outburst
  17. Luis Flores – Discipline (Black Asteroid Experimental Remix)
  18. Israel Toledo – The Voodoo Man
  19. Floorplan – Eclipse

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