Labelcast #26: Joshua McAllister’s Memento mori mix

This special episode of LABELCAST was produced by Joshua McAllister of LABEL. This chapter features tracks from the new LABEL compilation, ‘Memento mori’, a collection of techno tracks produced for our favorite time of year, Halloween. Included are select ambient and industrial works as well as various pieces from our friends at Detroit Underground. We hope you find this episode appropriately spooky.

0:00 Sabled Sun – Inner Sanctum [Cryochamber]
2:32 Percival – At All Points (6:16 with B-Ton-K’s ‘Vortex’) [LABEL & Mental Ulcer Forges]
9:12 Yaporigami – Is [Detroit Underground]
10:48 Freindy Tox – Soft Horror [LABEL]
14:32 Marshall Applewhite – Last Night (featuring Lise) [Detroit Underground]
16:40 MNYNMS – MNYNMS 004 [Detroit Underground]
19:44 Dink – Klinik [LABEL]
26:56 Turing – Memories [LABEL]
32:12 Tangerine Dream – Blue Room Varèse Sarabande]
35:12 Forma Tadre – Dagon (37:52 with Matthew Spaces ‘Pain Killers’) [Off Beat & LABEL]
40:32 Codine – Stasis [LABEL]
46:24 Harbou – Project Hybrid [LABEL]
53:20 :Wumpscut: – Jesus Gone (Remastered) [Metropolis]

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