LABELCAST #30: VSim’s Cut the Beard Mix

This episode of LABELCAST was produced by another friend of ours from the country of Cypres, VSim. Vsim has produced tracks for two of our compilations, including our Halloween collection, ‘Memento mori’, and ‘Ill Techno House Shit Vol. 1’. Both of those are available on our store at

  1. Mall Grab – Drive 00:00
  2. Mall Grab – Elegy 05:35
  3. Baby Ford & Zip – Morning Sir 10:40
  4. Baby Ford – No day 18:35
  5. Margaret Dygas – Missing You Less 26:20
  6. Minilogue – The Leopard 31:49
  7. Melchior Productions Ltd – The Phantom 38:00
  8. Half Hawaii – Out of You 43:30

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