LABELCAST #34: Symbolton’s Verse 312 Mix

You’re listening to another funky fucking episode of LABELCAST. I’m your host Joshua McAllister. This episode was produced by Symbolton. Symbolton just released their debut single on LABEL, called Verse 312. Verse 312 is a massive, noisy warehouse techno experience, and features remixes by Myke Myth, Multiples, and Dr. Strange.

You can now purchase Verse 312 and all of our titles by naming your own price, only at the LABEL online store. That’s right, you can pay zero dollars if you like! Start downloading today at That’s Enjoy the show.

For more info on Symbolton, visit

  1. Klienfeld feat Josh Craig – Evergreen (Original Mix)
  2. Gabe, Rocksted – Perversity (Original Mix)
  3. Adrian Hour – Chordgresion (Original Mix)
  4. Tom Hades – Jennie (Original Mix)
  5. Alex Di Stefano – Kashmir (Cut Mix)
  6. Tom Hades – Jennie (Original Mix)
  7. Adam Beyer – That Would Be the Sun (Original Mix)
  8. Wayne Madiedo – Come Up On a Lick (Original Mix)
  9. Audio Injection – No Key (Original Mix)
  10. Andreew – Zeus (Original mix)
  11. Landmark – Revolution (Original Mix)
  12. Carlos Parez 7 K Style – My World (Original Stick)
  13. Clouds – Complete Control (Slam Remix)
  14. Radio Complex & Christian Bonori – Green Planet- (Original Mix)
  15. Jay Luman & Harvey McKay – Two

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