Labelcast #005: SPLINTrd’s Run to the Night Mix

This month’s podcast is brought to you by SPLINTrd. SPLINTrd released his first full length album, Staring Out of Windows, back in June.

“Its a mix featuring some dark UK garage vibes, some post dubstep textures, and some moody electronica, plenty of sub bass and atmosphere. Perfect for the headphones on a walk home in the rain, or in the car on a motorway/freeway drive at night.”

  1. Intro: A Dream Within a Dream
  2. Umeone and MyMind – Remedy
  3. Honey T – January
  4. Mr. Black – Meet You In Low Orbit
  5. Phlux – Nym
  6. Orlogin – It’s Gonna Hurt
  7. GhostChant – Under The Light [Future Follower Records]
  8. Lo-Fi Beats – Yeah Like This (Candleface remix) [Deaf By Records]
  9. SPLINTrd – Alone on Parnassus [Label]
  10. Trentemoller – Moan [Poker Flat Recordings]
  11. dBridge & Instra:Mental – Blush Response [Exit Records]
  12. Portishead – Roads (Libations & Oscillations remix)
  13. Martyn – Hear Me [3024]
  14. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo (Wayvee remix) [Hotflush Recordings]
  15. DPPLGNGRS – Sardo (SPLINTrd remix) [Hottwerk Records]
  16. Tuff Culture – When I Look Back [Future Followers Records]

Labelcast #004: Lingk’s Summers In The D Mix

Better late than never!

“The start of the summer was kind of crazy with a lot of shows back to back, along with the normal grind and hassle to get more shows. These tracks are some of the bangers that really got people dancing. So I threw them all into one mix, while others reflect some of the more intense nights. All together it’s a great mix that will get you moving and in some way or another.” -Lingk

1. Christian Martin – Waiting (Original Mix)
2. Electrical Shutdown – Da Fresh (Koen Groeneveld mix)
3. Julio Leal, Daniel Aguayo – Dual Swing (JD Formation)
4. Jus Deelax, Adri Arte – Technoise (Original Mix)
5. Jay Lumen – Analogia (Main Title Original Mix)
6. Crookers, Carli – Hummus (Botnek remix)
7. Swick, Tranter – Mad Dings (Keith Supabeatz remix)
8. Malente, Zero Cash – Hardware (Original mix)
9. Tocadisco – Bat3ria (Botnek remix)
10. Tocadisco – Bat3ria (Stefano Noferini remix)
11. Julio Leal, Daniel Aguayo – Ketamina Vol. 2 (JD Formation)
12. Jus Deelax, Saul Espada – My Fucking Neighbour (Original Mix)
13. Julio Lea, Daniel Aguayo – Tomahook (Original mix)
14. Jus Deelax, FiveAm – This Is My Fucking Flat Belly (Original mix)
15. Mark Knight, Dan Diamond – Club Politics (Original Club mix)

Labelcast #003: DJ Mourad’s Broken Soul Mix

This month’s podcast is brought to you by DJ Mourad. Mourad has a few releases scheduled with LABEL for this Summer and Fall.

“Two Turntables, a Mixer, a crate of VINYL and a lot of SOUL. This is a mix that, like all other mixes I did and will do, is done in one take. There are mistakes in there but I consider them as natural because there was no preparation whatsoever to make this mix. I could just throw [away] the mix and do another one, but I know that it will be difficult to catch the vibe of this one. The only idea I had for this mix is to be true to myself and the music I play and that most people associate me with. Here is a bit of my soul and a bit of my actual state of mind.

For those who might be surprised about the last track , all I can say is this: It was an improvised choice as I picked the record while mixing the last track, and to be honest, I couldn’t think of ending this mix in any other way. John Beltran is one of the musicians that I admire and love, and his music touches.

The deepest parts of my soul. So yes I wanted you to listen to his genius if you make it to the end of this mix.” -DJ Mourad, Recorded May 11th, 2013.

  1. Envoy – Charms & Changelings [Soma Records]
  2. ??? – 20002x [Wax (White Label)]
  3. John Tejada – Stealth Mission [Palette Records]
  4. Allergy – No Boundaries [Soma Records]
  5. Syrinx – Dub Sequence [Ann Aimee]
  6. Alexi Delano & Jesper Dahlbäck – Nueva York [Blank Ltd]
  7. John Tejada – Outer Circle [Organized Noise]
  8. Taho – Detroit [Delsin Records]
  9. Oliver Kapp – Directions [Indulge Records]
  10. John Tejada & Arian Leviste – 2 Speakers Dream [Palette Records]
  11. ??? – ??? [Dsp 02 (White Label)]
  12. ??? – 10001 [Wax (White Label)]
  13. Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier [Underground Resistance]
  14. Planetary – Matter Of Sound [Deslsin Records]
  15. System 7 & Derrick May – Prototype 1 (Electron Mix) [A Wave Records]
  16. John Beltran – Sweet Soul [Delsin Records]

Labelcast #002: Harbou’s Heady House Mix

This month’s podcast is brought to you by Bryan Mattson of Harbou. Harbou’s first Label release, Dystopic EP, was released on May 22nd, 2013.

“I’m really into deep, heady house and techno at the moment, so this is a showcase of that sound. Nearly all of the tracks on this mix are from producers and DJ’s living in Europe. I draw much inspiration from the sounds I hear coming from Europe in my own productions as well. This mix was recorded on two Technics 1200′s and a Allen & Heath Xone 62. Vinyl records only with no effects and no editing. Hope you enjoy. – B”


  1. Melchoir Productions LTD – Todo Mundo
  2. Ricardo Villalobos – Zuipox
  3. Adsum – Efemore
  4. Ricardo Villalobos – Kehaus
  5. A Guy Called Gerald – In Ya Head
  6. Raudive – Ruins
  7. Seuil – Nine Clouds
  8. Daze Maxim – Farbfilm
  9. Adam Marshall – Holding Down

Labelcast #001: Dink’s Summertime Skills

This month’s podcast is brought to you by Patrick “Dink” Werden. Dink’s first release on Label, Paper Chase EP, dropped May 9, 2013.

“This mix is a recent pick of tunes from a hazed-out moment throughout the changes in weather. In the mix, there was a push to get some of the bass line traits from the current deep trends in with a more groove inspired tech house manner. It is a traditional 2 deck set with no effects focused on smooth and thoughtful transitions.”

Alessan Main – Yoruba (Original Mix)
Blondish – Voyeur feat. Thomas Gandey (Alex Niggemann Remix)
Cele – Futurescope (Original Mix)
Danniel Selfmade – Joy & Life (Matthew Codek Remix)
Groovebox – Brooklyn (Original Mix)
George Privatti & Guille Placencia – Just Clipper (Original Club Mix)
Gusto – Jack Your Body (Antwon Faulkners Deep Sexy Remix)
Joy Marquez – Diamond Drum (Original Mix)
Lewis Boardman – Tap Tap (Original Mix)
Mentissi & D-Isorder – My Girl (Original Mix)
Nathan Phillips – Concrete Jungle (Original Mix)
Pete Rios – Lament (Original Mix)
Tomas Millan – Check This Sound (Original Mix)
DINK – Jackin’ Everyday (Original Mix)